Simoné Kruger


Background of disability:
During the pregnancy Simoné had a stroke, which caused the right side of the body’s muscles to loose its memory to the brain. This resulted that she had to start with rehabilitation to start rebuilding all activities which originates from the right side of the body, due to the fact that the left front of the brain died during the stroke.


From a very early age Simoné show good athletics abilities and with a lot of hard work this improved to world competitive levels.


Born: 2005/01/14 in Pretoria
School: Maragon Olympus
Grade: 6
Disabilty Diagnosis: Hemiplegia
Para Athletics Classifications: 38
First SASAPD Athletics meeting: October 2016 Germiston at age 11
Current age: 12
Para Athletics age category: U/16
Club: IS Ability


Competing in the following School sports:
Athletics | Netball | Hockey | Cross Country | Swimming | Biathlon


Biggest School sport merit:
In Grade 4 at the age of 10 received the award for the School Victrix Laudorum for her points received in Shotput.

Practicing age:
Started practicing Shotput at the age of  8 and competing at the age of 10.
Started practicing Discus at the age of 9 and competing at the age of 12.


School Athletics items:
Javelin | Shotput | Discuss | 1200m


Provincial Colors:
2015 and 2016 presented Gauteng North at the Interprovincial Athletics meetings in Shotput.


2017 School  Abled Body Athletics Achievements:
Reached Gauteng trials for:
Javelin, Shotput and Discuss.
During the Cluster meeting broke the records for Javelin, Shotput and Discuss.
Ended in first place for Gauteng North in Discus for the 2017 Season.


Girls U/16 T38 records when commenced Para Athletics in October 2016 vs records during SASAPD Nationals April 2017:
Discuss     14.53(old record)      - 28.29m(new record)
Shotput     6.84m(old record)    - 10.06m(new record)
Javelin       15.06m(old record    - 20.03m(new record)

During SASAPD Nationals received gold medals for the following items:
Discuss | Shotput | Javelin | 100m


Other School Sports 2017:
Currently playing for the U/12A Netball School team,which reached the Tshwane trails & U/12A Hockey School teams.
She was also nominated to participate in the Tshwane trails for Hockey.


Simonè Kruger" (middle front) attended our Potjiekos day!